Doctor Tupev

Company History

Tupevi Ltd. is a leading company, with 30 years of tradition in the production of Lavender seedlings. The family business was created by Dr. Tupev, a proven leader in the country area. He dedicates most of his life to the Lavender and Essential oil crops. As a long - time Head of Greenhouse Fields at the Rose Institute Essential Oil Crops in Kazanlak, Dr. Tupev achieved record results on the yields that have not been approved yet!

Toupev-Doctor, was the first to inspire farmers in Golden Dobrudja to start lavender growing more than 20 years ago!

He strenuously strived to keep up with all the novelties and technological processes at the production of oil-bearing rose and Lavender planting material for the purpose obtaining a high rate of rooting and a standard structure. He had a lot to do the purity of the varieties must be respected, so there is no mixing of varieties in the field, which, would result in lower yields.
This tradition is transferred to its own private company "Tupevi" LTD.:
  1. We provide a standard seed matrix
  2. Explained on growing technology
  3. We also have to keep the varieties clean

Production of Seedlings

Our production base is located in the town of Kran, Kazanlak municipality. The seedlings we produce are:
Lavender, Rosa Damascena, cultivated rosehip, sage, healing herbs.
Typical of our nurseries is that they are grown by Agronom - under all technological requirements for healthy and quality seedlings. When planting comes out of its zenith, at the 8-9th, measures are being taken to rejuvenate it for better productivity.

Everyone wants to be unique

Advertising video about the road of Bulgarian rose oil and his face in front of the world!
Galen-N, Factory "Zelenikovo"
Idea and realization of the video - Sali Tupeva, Directing and installation - Hristo Poriazov, Operator - Ivan Palaikov

Our Trade Network

Alila Cosmetics attends many international exhibitions and impresses people from different parts of the world with their unique and natural products as well as the positive effect they unlock when using them.

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